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Marmara University Social Facilities are intendet to give service to management directorates Marmara University members, retirees-, students and quests-including their relatives—invited to scientific cultural or social organizations by the Universty. These sevices, which are offered at affordable prices, include catering accommodation, cafes, sports and social and cultural from other universities, goverment agencies andproprietary sector represantativescan also benefit from the opportunities offered by our Social Facilities Management Department.

Guesthouse ( Goztepe Plants )       Konukevi ( Göztepe Tesisleri )

Our questhouse Offered accommodation for other academics and public officials , including members of the Marmara University in particular since many years.


Our guesthouse on the Anatolian side is on Marmara University Goztepe Campus in Kuyubası a central and secure district. It is a 5-minute drive to Kadıkoy and 15 minute drive to Bostancı as it is located on the main line.


Air conditioning is available only in our suites. In addition, our service opened a cafe serving our members in the campus in the campus in November 2015.

Phone         : 0216 418 88 18 – 0216 418 88 19

Fax           : 0216 349 16 79

E-mail        :

Maltepe Eğitim ve Sosyal Tesisi

Maltepe Education and our Social Facility serves only to public organizations.



Adress       : Maltepe Marmara Universty Social Facilities

        Yali mah. Rıhtım Cd. No: 60 Maltepe / İstanbul

Phone Number : 0216 352 68 88 – 0216 352 68 89





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